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Overland Church of Christ

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  • We provide a secure environment for your child.  The building has a security system at the front door and our playground is fenced in for your child’s safety.  Children are only released to names on the registration form unless we receive a personal phone call from the parent.
  • We are in full compliance with state standards regarding fire safety, sanitation, and child safety.  (Documentation will be provided upon request.)
  • Children are known by every staff member by name.  We value the unique talents and abilities of your child.
  • Children are redirected in a positive manner.  We understand that our children are young and learning to navigate their world.  We teach, model, and give reinforcement to those skills that are needed to respectfully work together in a group.
  • We keep our program balanced between educationally structured time and plenty of large motor free play for our children.
  • We nurture and encourage each child, strengthening and challenging your child’s academic abilities while fostering independence and self-esteem.  Children are prepared for the journey of life-long learning.
  • Children learn through play – naturally.  Center play encourages positive social skills and helps develop a child’s natural curiosity about their world.  It also teaches problem solving.
  • Our rooms have nine separate learning centers (math, dramatic play, discovery, etc.) with interesting equipment and materials.
  • We supplement our Letter of the Week with a literacy curriculum that introduces children to letters and sounds (phonemic awareness) with songs, rhymes, and hands-on activities.
  • We provide an abundance of age-appropriate children’s literature.
  • Our curriculum gives your child the opportunity to learn and practice newly acquired skills.  It offers challenges just beyond his/her present level in an inviting and safe environment.
  • We have a kindergarten readiness class especially for our older children to make sure they meet with success.
  • Our low teacher to child ratios and small group sizes make sure that your child gets the individual attention he/she needs to succeed.
  • Teachers work with children individually and in small groups of three or four.
  • We encourage creative expression and appreciation for the arts with daily art and Music and Movement activities.
  • Newsletters keep all family members informed.
  • Our children have outdoor unstructured playtime every day with access to safe, age-appropriate playground equipment.   There are indoor play areas downstairs in case of extreme weather.
  • Our teachers receive program training, support, and ongoing training.
  • We have teachers and other staff members who have a strong passion for early childhood education.  
  • We offer a nurturing Christian atmosphere which provides opportunities for your child to grow socially, emotionally, academically, physically, spiritually, and developmentally at his/her own pace.
  • We provide parents with confidence and peace of mind that your little one is loved and well cared for in our Christian learning center.
  • If our Happy Day Preschool’s goals match your own goals for your child, we would love for you to drop by and tour our preschool.  We’ll be expecting you!
    •                                                                    --Tara Vickers, Director

    Overland Church of Christ
    8875 Lackland Rd.
    Overland, MO 63114

    Phone: (314) 427-4412
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    Preschool Phone: (314) 427-0353

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